Pokémon Introduces The Weezing Bong

It looks like developers are getting in on the popularity of cannabis

On Wednesday morning, Pokémon released another reveal trailer for the upcoming Sword and Shield games, including a new form for Weezing that, to put it simply, really makes it look a lot like a bong. The new Galarian form of the first generation Pokémon, which gives it two stove “pipe” hats, changes Weezing from a pure poison-type to fairy-poison, making it a stronger Pokémon for a competitive battles. The announcement led to a massive wave of internet reactions, though it most likely wasn’t due to the Pokémon’s type change.

On the heels of a Fire Emblem: Three Houses quest that has you giving “herbal remedies” that provide “courage” and “hope” to students, this isn’t the first time that Nintendo has inserted some marijuana innuendo into their games. Some might argue that Weezing’s new look is simply following the UK-inspired trend that Sword and Shield have been rolling with, as the smokestack hats resemble what you might find on a London rooftop, but it’s very hard to believe that the developers aren’t having a little bit of fun here.

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