Philadelphia Based High-End Glassware Designer Launches Flagship Vodka Illadelph Spirits

“We’re beyond excited to take the Illadelph brand to new heights”

Illadelph Spirits, a women-owned and operated craft liquor company, proudly announces the launch of its flagship product, Illadelph Vodka. Crafted with organic wheat and triple distilled for ultimate purity, Illadelph Vodka will soon be featured in select bars and restaurants across Greater Philadelphia, bringing a new level of sophistication to the local spirits scene.

Bottled and distilled at Philadelphia’s renowned City Distilling, the vodka benefits from the expertise of Master Distiller Nick Capecci. The result is a spirit that offers a harmonious balance of refined aroma, smooth palate, and clean finish, making it the epitome of premium vodka. The creative force behind Illadelph Spirits, founder and CEO Irene Cutler, led the meticulous recipe development and ingredient selection. Cutler is an experienced entrepreneur and former owner of the biggest independent pharmacy in the Philadelphia area, advocating for natural and healthy lifestyles.

“We’re beyond excited to take the Illadelph brand to new heights,” Cutler shared. “Creating a vodka of stellar quality was our top priority. Illadelph’s reputation as a legendary, well-established brand with a cult following gives us the confidence to stand out in a crowded market. We aim to cultivate a loyal following and look forward to introducing additional spirits in the future.”

Illadelph Glass, founded in 2002, has earned international acclaim for its innovative and artistic glassware, cultivating a devoted following. With the launch of Illadelph Vodka, the brand extends its creative legacy into the world of fine spirits. Illadelph Glass, Owner/Founder, and Creative Director for Illadelph Spirits, Luca Falso, designed the vodka’s distinctive glass bottle. Drawing inspiration from his iconic glassware designs, Falso created a bottle that features the classic blue Illadelph logo, embodying the brand’s artistic spirit.

“I am thrilled to carry forward the Illadelph lifestyle brand’s legacy by stepping into the spirits industry,” Falso remarked. “The opportunity to create Illadelph Vodka allowed us to blend our artistic roots with a high-quality product that complements our existing brand.”

Illadelph Spirits’ commitment to quality extends beyond the product itself. By partnering with City Distilling, a local Philadelphia institution, Illadelph Spirits supports the city’s rich tradition of craftsmanship and innovation. This collaboration underscores the brand’s dedication to fostering community connections and celebrating local talent.

As Illadelph Vodka makes its debut, it is set to become a staple in Philadelphia’s vibrant culinary and nightlife scene. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks or as the base for an exquisite cocktail, Illadelph Vodka promises to elevate any occasion with its superior quality and refined taste. With its launch, Illadelph Spirits invites vodka enthusiasts and spirit connoisseurs to experience a new standard of excellence in the premium vodka market. 

This meticulously crafted vodka is now available for purchase at City Distilling, priced at $24.99 for a 750 ml bottle.


Illadelph Spirits, LLC (“Illadelph Vodka”) is a Philadelphia-based lifestyle Vodka brand established in collaboration with Illadelph Glass and City Distilling. Committed to crafting a premium vodka that embodies excellence in taste, smoothness, and aroma, Illadelph Vodka prides itself on providing ‘affordable luxury’ to its consumers. Our dedication to meticulous distillation techniques and the finest ingredients ensures a smooth and unforgettable drinking experience for our customers. 

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