Not For Tobacco Use Only: The Cannabis Accessories Market

Ancillary cannabis-related businesses are primed for explosive growth

The growth of the cannabis market into a multibillion-dollar legal industry has had massive implications for a range of ancillary cannabis-related businesses. First among these is the market for cannabis accessories. Pipes, grinders, rolling papers and a world of other products that, prior to legalization, were socially relegated to the local head shop.

Today, the legalization of adult-use recreational cannabis has allowed retailers to finally dispense with the pretense that a bong is “for tobacco use only”. The legitimization of cannabis now involves not only breaking stigmas and taking previously viewed niche products into the mainstream but also creating opportunity and driving demand for unprecedented growth in the cannabis accessories space.

From provincial government-operated outlets to franchised retail networks, there are now hundreds of new cannabis retail stores expected to open across Canada. On top of selling dried flower and oil extracts, each of these shops needs to carry a wide selection of accessories, in a variety of styles, from a range of brands. Any new cannabis customer coming into a dispensary is likely to also pick up a vaporizer (aka ‘vape’), a water pipe (aka ‘bong’), or at least a package of rolling papers and a lighter. Therefore, each dispensary is likely to see 10 to 20 percent of its sales coming from cannabis accessories.

On top of storefront retail, the online world of cannabis accessory sales is heating up, as smoking accessories are subject to fewer branding restrictions when sold through e-retailers. With cannabis now out of the shadows and its associated stigma waning, cannabis accessories are becoming a viable gift item for both the cannabis connoisseur and amateur alike.

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