Loophole Allows Boulder Vape Shops To Work Around Flavored Nicotine Ban

The new ordinance specifically involves flavored nicotine

Just four days into new regulations on e-cigarettes and nicotine, Boulder vape shops are having mixed results in figuring out how to operate. On Monday, one shop saw normal business due to a loophole and another told CBS4 it was making the decision to close.

Despite the flavor ban, the wall at Red Star Vapor on Arapahoe Road was full of various flavored products. District Manager Katie Godsil, who oversees the Southwestern U.S. chain’s Colorado stores, said most customers prefer them.

“For every ten customers that come into our store, I would say nine, if not all ten, are going to be buying some sort of flavor,” Godsil said.

Currently, the chain store is the only business in Boulder able to sell flavored e-cigarette products. It’s all because of an unintended loophole left by city council.

According to City Attorney Tom Carr, the new ordinance specifically involves flavored nicotine. At Red Star Vapor, customers can buy the unflavored nicotine base-product separately from the flavoring and combine them at home.

“You’re going to basically pour this bottle, pour this bottle, shake it up really good,” Godsil explained to a customer.

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