Local Smoke Shops Seeing Benefits Of Cannabis Dispensary’s Return To Longmont Colorado

Owners say cannabis retails complete suite of cannabis services to consumers

Longmont’s recent move to again allow marijuana sales within city limits isn’t only sparing pot users trips to Louisville, Boulder, Lafayette or stores in unincorporated Boulder County.

Other retailers in the city also are benefiting from the return of marijuana stores: Longmont smoke shops that sell all that you need to inhale cannabis smoke or vapors through myriad apparatuses.

Owners and managers of city smoke shops, also called head shops, that offer pipes, bongs, dab rigs and other accessories — all once considered drug paraphernalia and now thought of as common equipment for the cannabis consumer — say there has been a noticeable increase in business since the city in 2018 allowed four marijuana shops to open within Longmont proper. Prior to that, pot buyers had to do their shopping at retailers in unincorporated enclaves within the city and in neighboring municipalities.

“Sales are way higher” this year, said High Society Smoke Shop Assistant Manager Sofia Raygoza. “… Specifically, we do have a lot of new people coming in, and asking us how to use cartridges or wax pens” — devices used to heat concentrates derived from cannabis for inhalation.

After a split Longmont City Council vote in 2017 to lift a ban on pot dispensaries instituted by the council in 2011, the city set a cap of four marijuana retail permits that have all been issued to businesses. Terrapin Care Station became the first to make a recreational weed sale in the city last year. Two of the stores, Medicine Man and Yuma Way, have since opened, with The Green Solution not yet having set an opening date.

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