Female-Owned Glassblowing Studio Brings The Heat To Austin’s East Side

Glassblowing studios in Texas are rare, all female are unheard of

There’s some kind of magic happening on Springdale Road. Ghost Pepper Glass, the only glassblowing studio in Austin, is providing a new place for the community to learn about the ancient art form, create their own unique works, and buy gorgeous glassware.

Glassblowing studios in Texas are rare, due to the unbearable summertime heat and high overhead costs, while all-female studios are almost unheard of. For Ghost Pepper co-owners Katie Plunkard, Shara Funari, and Lauren Hunt, who signed the lease at Springdale Station two years ago, bringing a studio to Austin was an ambitious endeavor. 

“Three women in the glassblowing industry isn’t common,” says Plunkard, who has been blowing glass for more than a decade. “It’s a very male-dominated industry. But, we all realized we got along so well. There’s no drama with us and no men throwing kinks in it.”

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