Borosyndicate Showcases World-Class Glass Artists

Borosyndicate is where glass becomes fine art

Borosyndicate—a brick-and-mortar glass art gallery and retail location, complete with a separate glassblowing facility—produces its own brand of items as well as known glass brands.

The gallery and storefront features a Hall of Fame of glassblowing artists known for various styles, characters, and techniques. You’ll find legends like Ryan O’KeefeSteve SizelovePeter MullerLordJeff Green, and Jeff Smart. (See examples below.)

Glassblowing art is steeped in tradition within the cannabis and art worlds, beginning with pioneers like Bod Snodgrass and Jason Harris (Jerome Baker Designs). This type of art dates back to the 1970s and gained popularity later on with spoons, bubblers, Sherlocks, hammers, waterpipes, rigs, and so on. Artists frequently push the boundaries of what animals, characters, and shapes can be created for functional art.

Borosyndicate is where glass becomes fine art: People pay top dollar for creations made by the artists with the most cred and the pieces with the most features like percolators or diffusers. On the top shelf areas, you’ll find high-end fine glass with brands like Illadelph and Sovereignty Glass. But you can find artistically-inspired spoon pipes, heavy with marbles and colorful swirl features, for bargain prices. No two are alike.

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