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8 Ways To Grow Your Smoke Shop And Increase Sales.

If you own a smoke shop here are some pointers to get more sales

1) Get Noticed

When focusing on growth and customer acquisition one of the first steps to take is increasing your stores visibility. Whenever I’m traveling and come across a smoke shop nine times out of ten there’s only a small sign immediately above the store and THAT’S IT. There’s a few things you can do to attract customers that other stores don’t and that’s fly banners, flags, put up signs or other visuals for hot selling items. I find the most attractive storefronts have huge lettering such as “Vapes, CBD’s, Kratom” and other commonly sought after products in easily visible places.

2) Make it Easy to Shop

Once you get customers into your store you need to draft an experience that will bring them back. While more info on this will be covered later, I commonly walk into today’s modern smoke shops and feel like I walked back into the 70’s. There’s nic-nacs everywhere and nothing seems logical about product placement. Most shoppers are trending away from the old era of hobby shop type stores and more towards a clean well lit store with overhead music that sets a mood or plays into the shops theme. My favorite store experiences have started with the smell of incense at the door and a song that’s easy to vibe to playing in the background. You should also research product positioning (eye level is buy level!) to get the most sales out of some of your better products and easy add ons. 

3) Host Events

So you have an attractive storefront, and your shop is on point… but there’s still a lack of people coming into your store? Well, a very common tactic in today’s marketing age is hosting events. Vape competitions, live bands, glass blowing competitions, cook outs, and just about any reason you can think to throw a party for your desired and current customers are gold. Understandably your storefront may not be ideal for these “get togethers” which can be a disadvantage. If that’s the case I recommend finding a club, radio station, or anyone else that hosts similar events and see what you can do to partner up and get your name out there. Not every store will be able to take advantage of this route, but this only means you should REALLY hone in on the other tips below.

4) Grow a Customer Database

A great way to turn interest in your company into sales is to create an email database. Offer discounts for signups or simply just ask customers if they’d like to be notified of new stuff via email. Be careful though! All too often companies try to implement this and fall head over heels. The biggest thing in email marketing is creating well designed, visually appealing content… which most do not. People don’t want to feel marketed too, and all too often you’ll turn that hard earned list of emails into a long line of people requesting to unsubscribe. Email marketing isn’t something you can simply learn overnight without an adequate background so if you need any help we of course offer assistance to our customers! We’ll set you up with some graphics, content, and show you how to do some pretty cool stuff yourselves!

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