15 Best Places To Live If You Love Cannabis

Weed has a fair amount of gray area around the globe

Cannabis has been utilized by humankind for several centuries, but although many cultures and communities throughout time have reaped a host of benefits from the plant, it remains illegal in much of the world. However, the list of places around the world where you can safely and thoroughly enjoy weed increases each year.

When fantasizing about your next vacation or thinking about moving somewhere new, it’s important to note where weed is most welcome, especially if you indulge on a regular basis. 

Weed has a fair amount of gray area around the globe when it comes to legality, but even in places where views on cannabis are still somewhat divided, there are plenty of cultural havens to immerse yourself in that honor and uphold everyone’s favorite plant.

In no particular order, here are 15 destinations in the U.S. and around the world where cannabis is cultivated, celebrated, and a thriving part of culture.

#1) California

Starting off in the United States, California is definitely a given in cannabis-friendly locations around the world – if you don’t mind year-round fire seasons, astronomical living costs, and hellish traffic. 

As the first state in the U.S. to legalize medical cannabis back in 1996, California has long been known as a haven for cannabis connoisseurs and THC lovers. Today, cannabis is legal on a recreational and medical level, and cannabis culture is both normalized and celebrated throughout the state. 

California is also home to many cannabis brands like LEUNECookiesStiiizy, and many more. Many of these brands are built around the idea of California cannabis culture – a lifestyle that is easily recognizable to anyone who lives in or visits the Golden State. 

#2) Oregon

Like California, Oregon is another state in the U.S. that is known for its positive attitude towards cannabis consumption. With both adult-use and medical cannabis legalized in the state since 2014, cannabis culture has continued to thrive in Oregon over the past seven years. 

You can find cannabis pretty much anywhere in the state, but Portland is definitely a hotspot for dedicated enthusiasts. The city has 132 dispensaries and 32 headshops. 

This high availability of quality cannabis combined with the constant cultivation, production, and innovation makes for the perfect place to get your smoke on, whether you’re a resident or just passing through.

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