Screaming O Touts Inclusive Product Range

“Our product range and commitment are a testament to our dedication”

Screaming O is touting its inclusive range of pleasure products.

“At Screaming O, we prioritize inclusivity, not only in product design but also in marketing and messaging,” said a company rep. “We actively promote representation and diversity in our campaigns, embracing individuals of different body types, ethnicities and gender identities. By showcasing a broad range of experiences and desires, we strive to create a more inclusive and accepting culture surrounding pleasure.”

The rep highlighted collaborations with sexual health professionals, educators and community advocates that are geared towards expanding understanding of different sexualities. The company also provides educational resources, articles and guides that address a variety of topics, including consent, LGBTQ+ experiences and gender-affirming pleasure.

“Screaming O believes that sexual diversity should be celebrated and embraced,” VP Dan Holman said. “Our product range and commitment to representation are a testament to our dedication to creating a safe and accepting space for all individuals to explore their desires. We invite everyone to embrace their authentic selves and discover the pleasure that truly resonates with them.”

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