Psychedelics Industry Goal: Find Capital ASAP

This year is looking brighter for the psychedelics industry

Traditional tactics aren’t always the most effective ways to raise capital.

This year is looking brighter for the psychedelics industry. Psychedelics companies are digging deeper and looking for new ways to finance their research and development efforts.

While most of the psychedelic companies listed on various stock exchanges in the U.S. and Canada show no revenue yet – in fact, many show big loses – investors still believe in the industry and are propping up development efforts for the expected big payoff that appears closer today than ever before.

The positive MDMA Phase 3 clinical trial results by Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), and the potential for FDA approval of MDMA by the end of this year, is widely viewed as one of the most promising developments in the psychedelics industry. It shows how the psychedelics is advancing toward being a profitable enterprise.

In fact, on Jan. 16, Numinus Wellness Inc., a mental health care company advancing innovative treatments, became one of the few in the industry reporting revenue growth, for the most part, because of its area of business concentration as a provider of therapy treatment services involving ketamine and Spravato.

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