Florida Attempts To Regulate Hemp Derived Cannabinoids With HB 1475 And SB 1676

Healthy Florida is currently working against these bills

Since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, the popularity of CBD and other alternative cannabinoid products has exploded across the United States, leading to a significant increase in the number of brands getting into the space.

Florida is on a regulatory tear this month first starting with HB 179 to regulate Kratom, and now a new bill has been introduced in both the House and Senate that seeks to regulate the sale of alternative cannabinoid products more tightly to the point where an effective ban would exist. The bills, known as HB 1475 or SB 1676, would require all businesses selling these products to obtain a license from the state, and would also impose strict labeling and testing requirements.

One of the most significant concerns among alternative cannabinoid brands is the cost of obtaining a license in the first place. The bill would require businesses to pay a significant fee to obtain a license, which could be difficult for smaller businesses to afford. Additionally, the bill would require businesses to submit to regular inspections and testing, which could further increase costs.

Another concern is the strict labeling requirements that the bill would impose. While many alternative cannabinoid brands already voluntarily include information about the potency and purity of their products, the bill would require all businesses to include this information on their labels. While this may seem like a positive step for consumers, it could be challenging for smaller businesses to comply with the new requirements.

The bill would also require all alternative cannabinoid products to undergo testing by a state-approved lab before being sold to consumers. Keeping in mind that the regulatory bodies to approve these labs do not yet exist, and thus no products would be able to be sold in the state of Florida until those agencies are created, and licensing is issued.

Florida’s House Bill 1475 and Senate Bill 1676 don’t just seek to regulate the sale of alternative cannabinoid products more tightly, which could make it more difficult for smaller brands to compete in the marketplace, they seek to ban those products until they can figure out how to even regulate the industry in the first place.

Healthy Florida, a lobby association for the hemp industry in Florida, is currently working against these bills. To find out how you can assist, visit

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