CT House Passes Bill To Crack Down On THC-Infused Hemp Products

The House voted 148-1 to pass a bill that would close the dry weight loophole

The state House has voted overwhelmingly to close a loophole that lawmakers say allows stores to sell certain cannabis products beyond Connecticut’s legal limits.

While traveling to the state Capitol on Tuesday, State Rep. Mike D’Agostino, D-Hamden, said he stopped at a CBD store to buy two packages of gummies with levels of THC – the compound in marijuana that gives users a high – far beyond the legal limit for gummies sold in Connecticut’s licensed marijuana retailers.

Despite not being sold by a licensed retailer and having double the amount of THC that Connecticut allows in marijuana gummies, D’Agostino said the products were completely legal.

“The pure CBD stuff, I’ve got no qualms,” he said. “The worry is when it’s a higher THC product, and you’ve got 90 [gummies] in a jar, not individually packaged, somebody can [take the whole bottle at once].”

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