Critics Of Proposed Tobacco Tax Increase Issue Letter To NY Governor

A person smokes a Juul Labs Inc. e-cigarette in this arranged photograph taken in the Brooklyn Borough of New York, U.S., on Sunday July 8, 2018. Juul Labs, the maker of the popular e-cigarette brand that has recently come under fire from health officials over its popularity with young adults, plans to introduce a line of lower-nicotine pods. The company will begin to sell pods with a 3-percent nicotine concentration in its mint and Virginia tobacco flavors later this year, according to a statement Thursday. Photographer: Gabby Jones/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The topic of banning menthol cigarettes was also introduced

A few weeks ago, I had written about how both critics and advocates alike were speaking out in reference to the newly proposed tax increase on tobacco products in New York State. In the proposed increase, the topic of banning menthol cigarettes was also introduced.

Advocates and critics alike had passionate responses as to why they supported or disapproved of the proposed increase. This leads us to today where the New York Association of Convenience Stores, the main group opposing the proposed tax, recently issued a letter to Gov. Hochul regarding another serious issue in regard to tobacco products and their sale within the state.

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