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Creating Your Convenience Store Business Strategy

“Make a bunch of money” just isn’t going to cut it as a starting model

With a little bit research, prospective gas station buyers will come to learn that most earnings in the business don’t come from gasoline sales.

In fact, most owners see their gas sales as a simple means to build traffic, relying on their convenience store’s sales to build their revenue. What this means for any owner in the industry is that having a solid convenience store strategy is essential to see long-term success.

Gas station and standalone convenience store owners alike can use the following methods to develop strategies for their businesses and grow their profits over time.

Develop a Business Plan

To run a successful business, “make a bunch of money” just isn’t going to cut it as a starting model. In order to get the edge over competitors, you’re going to need a solid and thorough convenience store strategy. While there are number of questions and factors to consider, there are few widely accepted practices to help you get started.

  • All great strategies begin with a simple checklist – Whether starting from scratch or trying to revitalize a growing business, a checklist will help you narrow down priorities, provide a reference point to return to, and ensure you’re getting things done in a timely manner.
  • Are competitors getting an edge on their prices? – Which vendor relationships can be leveraged to give you a price advantage over competitors in certain product categories?
  • How can you use your store’s location to your advantage in your business strategy – For example, if you live in an area with rising income, which products will help you capitalize on this trend?
  • Stay up to date on trends in the snack and beverage world – Vendors will often provide their own companies’ magazines, but having supplementary resources to continuously gain insights on new products hitting the marker will help keep your inventory fresh and versatile.
  • Identify your biggest weaknesses and start making a plan for strengthening them – Having trouble with staffing? Consider consulting a recruiter. Are gales sales decreasing? Evaluate the prices of nearby competitors to match or beat their prices.

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