Conversations in Counterculture: Derek Chase, Founder at Psychedelics Wellness Brand Psilouette

We sat down with Derek Chase about his foray into the psychedelics wellness space

In the vast ecosystem of counterculture, few areas shimmer with as much intrigue and offer as much growth as the world of mycology. While fungi have been intertwined with human history for millennia, their modern renaissance, especially as it relates to general wellness and psychedelics is something to behold. At the vanguard of this resurgence is California based Psilouette, a company dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of the psychedelic space. In our first episode of “Conversations in Counterculture,” we had the privilege of tuning into a deep dive with Psilouette’s founder, Derek Chase, to delve into the intricacies of psychedelics, their significance in today’s world, and the what the future of this industry may hold.

All this and more in this episode of Conversations in Counterculture.

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