As FDA Looks To Congress For CBD Regs, It Elaborates On Potential Paths Forward 

FDA officials emphasized that the ball is in Congress’ court

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration reiterated its hope this week for a “harm reduction approach” to products containing cannabidiol (CBD), rather than a “harm elimination” approach.

On Thursday, the 

FDA held a virtual panel for stakeholders titled “A New Way Forward for Cannabidiol and Other Hemp Products.” The main speaker was Patrick Cournoyer, senior science advisor who leads the Administration’s Cannabis Product Committee. Norman Birenbaum, senior public health advisor, also fielded questions during a Q&A section. 

The meeting was focused on what led the FDA to its January 26 statement that existing pathways for regulation at the FDA were “not appropriate” for cannabidiol (CBD), and on how the FDA has evolved to focus on what Cournoyer described as a “harm reduction approach rather than what is essentially a harm elimination approach.” 

During the conversation, the FDA officials emphasized that the ball is in Congress’ court, but signaled a more-than-openness to work with members of Congress on everything from CBD gummies to pet products to delta-8 products. 

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